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EcoTV WEEK: Flexible conditionality

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Editorial: Better not follow the leader
The beneficial effects from the ECB's announcement are fading. Still, the biggest risk weighing on global growth is American.

Overview: Flexible conditionality
The ECB is ready to help but under conditions, which could be less strict than it appears.

The week in the US: A pervasive sense of uncertainty
Following the latest FOMC meeting, almost all members (voting and non-voting) had the opportunity to explain their personal views.

The week in the Euro zone: Withering confidence
Confidence continued to deteriorate, confirming that GDP is very likely to have contracted in Q3.

Focus1: A review of the Nordic model
Largely modified by the 1990's crisis, the Nordic model is now based on the principle of rewarding effort. Unfortunately, there is little to suggest that this system could serve as a model for other countries.

EcoWeek September 28

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