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EcoTV WEEK: France, a risky 2013 budget

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Editorial : Shall we dance ?
The ECB skips its turn. European partners take on the responsibility. European rendezvous

Overview : Budget times
France and Spain have presented their budget for 2013 under the sign of austerity.

The week in the US : Is deterioration over?
GDP growth is set to be poor in the third quarter, but there are encouraging signs for the fourth quarter. Still, we will have to wait until 2013 for the unquestionable rebound

The week in the Euro zone : Governments, it's your turn now
After announcing the OMT in September, the ECB did not adopt any further non-standard measures in October. It has done its part to resolve the eurozone debt crisis.

Focus1 : The 2nd law
Households have been cleaning up their balance sheets deep and fast. This reinforces our view that the extension of the Fed's forward guidance was definitely the right move.

EcoWeek October 5

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