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EcoTV WEEK: How long ?

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Editorial : Madrid wasn't built in a day
Europe puts pressure on Spain to request help. Mr Rajoy still hesitates. Markets begin to loose patience.

Overview : The politics of the ostrich
Mr Rajoy still hesitates to call for European help

The week in the US : Better is the enemy of good enough
The US economy obstinately refuses to grow fast enough to create the number of jobs needed for the unemployment rate to trend downwards.

The week in the Euro zone : Not so confident yet
In the eurozone, confidence remains very low and is consistent with contracting output, according to survey data released this week.

Focus1 : Why banking union is essential
Banking union is a response to the structural weaknesses of the euro zone and is a precursor to the full functioning of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

EcoWeek September 21

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