From 20 October to 27 November, the Wave exhibition settles down in San Francisco and Palo Alto, two iconic places of innovation. 

On the base of this event focused on collective intelligence, Wave unveils a program devoted to the new uses of technology, and their consequences. On 28 October, the program starts with the workshop “How autism can be a competitive advantage ?”, and goes on until 27 November, with round tables and discussions about Women in tech, and smart cities.

The speakers come from both academic and business spheres:  Eliott Martin, Research Engineer at UC. Berkeley, Ali Vahabzadeh, Founder and Ceo of Chariot, and Thorkil Sonne: Founder & President, Specialist People Foundation and Specialisterne Foundation, Inc, among others.  

Those events are free and open. They take place in Bank of the West's buildings, in San Francisco and Palo Alto. 

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