TEB, BNP Paribas'strategic partner in Turkey, has been named the “Most Transparent Bank in Turkey ”in a study entitled 'Transparency and Governance of Turkey's Banks listed in ISE' by the Corporate Management Forum of the Sabanci University.

The study, using a methodology developed by rating agency Standard & Poor's, grades banks according to their frequency of disclosure to the public and other transparency parameters specific to the banking sector.

TEB's leader position is a cumulative result, consisting of different rankings. According to transparency of shareholders and corporate structure, TEB ranked 3rd, and 4th according to financial and operational information transparency. The deciding factor was the ranking of the Board of Directors and its structure and operation establishes TEB at the 1st place.

Transparency is a fundamental value for TEB, which has been serving its customers for 82 years. The ranking rewards the commitment of TEB's staff to this fundamental principle.

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