To mark this first anniversary, Hello bank! is launching a unique initiative: Hello play!, the first European crowd sponsoring platform dedicated to music.

Streaming platforms users are invited to support musical projects by listening to their favourite music. After connecting a Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud or account, listening to music automatically collect Hello Coins which can be invested in music-related projects (recording, concerts organisation, speakers’ fabrications, etc.) that users want to support.

This ambitious and original project has brought together leading music and crowdfunding partners. Moreover, this 100% digital project was created thanks to Ulule’s European expertise in crowdfunding and the constant help of Spotify to promote the project at several concerts and through media coverage among users in all the countries where Hello bank! is present.

It is not necessary to be a customer Hello bank! to open an account and support music projects of tomorrow. Hello play! is available in Italy, will be launched in February 2015 in Belgium, and in Germany during the first half of 2015.

>> Watch “Play & Amplify” Hello play! clip (in French): 

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