Created 2 years ago in 9 European countries, the Smart Start programme of the BNP Paribas Foundation now extend in Asia Pacific.
Launched in 2012, Smart Start is a programme that aims at encouraging the integration of socially excluded young people through the practice of arts. It belongs to a global education project managed by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

Its goal? Encourage disadvantaged children to achieve their self-fulfillment, facilitate their integration by giving them access to the practice of arts: music, dance, theatre, puppets, visual arts…

In 2013, Smart Start began to support 4 projects in Asia Pacific:

- Hong Kong : Artists-in-Residence 2011-2016
- India : Mehli Mehta Music Foundation's Discover Music programme
- Singapore : Little Arts Academy
- Taiwan : Aborigines Sustainable Education Programme

Together with the 9 other projects running in Europe, it is estimated that over 7,100 children and young people will benefit from the Programme each year.

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