In December 2014, Hello bank! launches Hello play!, a European digital platform dedicated to music and support musical projects.

Hello play! is present in France and Italy in the form of a crowd sponsoring platform for music. Streaming platforms users are invited to support music projects by listening to music, which allows them to earn Hello Coins which can then be invested in their favorite project.

In Belgium, Hello play! is a media dedicated to electronic music with playlists, exclusive live sessions, events and news reporting, all freely available in all devices.

Three months after its launch, the originality of the digital platform Hello play! was recognized with two awards:

A strong start for this innovative platform that suits the consumers’ evolving habits. Some key figures on this success:

  • 460,000 users
  • 1 million tracks listened
  • 75,000 shares on social networks
  • 467,000 hello corners earned
  • 28 projects funded and 14 fully financed projects

>> Watch the video to learn more about Hello play! 

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