In April, BNL launched its new advertising campaign, “People Not Numbers” across Italy.

The launch of this campaign, which emphasized the image of the bank as an employer, was considered essential given the difficulty of the current professional climate for young people in Italy.

By advertising job opportunities, the campaign not only confirms that BNL continues to hire people but also appeals to the younger generations by revealing the human side of the candidates. The message is simple, strong and positive: “People, not numbers”. Just as BNL expresses its values upon which it is based, each candidate should have the opportunity to express his or her own personality.

Campaign Concept

Over and above web and print advertising at certain universities, BNL has launched, a simple, one-page site that is meant to diffuse information for young job seekers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The site is also a way of presenting the company as the true “bank for a changing world” by way of a cutting-edge design.
It's a solid starting point for creating an open platform, meant to stimulate dialogue with—and among—young people.

The new site's main innovations are:
- Video profiles of open positions
- Creates a cover letter in infografic-format based on the candidate's personal information
- Video CV (tool provided by the BNL job site)

The campaign is visible not only on the website but also on BNL's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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