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The Wish Movie Maker, when your wishes become a movie

As BNP Paribas is this year celebrating 100 years of involvement with film and filmmaking, the Group has decided to highlight this long-standing partnership by dedicating the New Year 2018 greetings campaign to moviemaking, with the strapline:

'In a changing world, your wishes reveal the talent of tomorrow's filmmakers'

Entitled ‘The Wish Movie Maker (unavailable link)’ this years’ campaign will enable you to enjoy an unrivalled experience, working with promising young film directors to make a movie out of your New Year’s greetings. 

Give free rein your creativity! (unavailable link)

BNP Paribas wishes you a great year!
The Wish Movie Maker: Your wishes reveal the talent of tomorrow's filmmakers

Give free rein your creativity! 

www.thewishmoviemaker.bnpparibas (unavailable link)

Laissez parler votre créativité et réalisez le film de vos voeux , avec The Wish Movie Maker !

Discover (unavailable link)

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