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Mission Handicap steps up its initiatives!

BNP Paribas leads a variety of initiatives to promote the employment of people with disabilities and their professional development within the Group. In 2015, this commitment was again strengthened, especially through the many efforts spearheaded by Mission Handicap.

Taking long-term action

Late December 2015 saw the third intra-company agreement signed for a period of four years (2016-2019), serving to illustrate BNP Paribas’ long-term commitment!  


“Making disabilities a source of strength for our company,” – the message chosen by Yves Matrenchar, Group Human Resources Manager, to promote the new agreement. He also underlined the absolutely necessity for us, as a responsible employer, to apply an inclusive disability policy in every country where we operate. 

Created eight years ago, Mission Handicap is run by a team of six employees and coordinates issues pertaining to employees with disabilities while guaranteeing the implementation of our business agreements. 

Each of these agreements includes specific objectives, but all share the same major points: hiring, retaining and ensuring the professional integration of employees with disabilities, training and raising awareness among our employees and business divisions, and increasingly calling upon service providers from the protected workers sector.
To put these commitments into action, BNP Paribas has set an objective of hiring an average of 50 employees with disabilities each year. To achieve this objective, we have formed partnerships with universities to identify potential candidates, while HR managers will meet with candidates at job forums across France. 

Awareness campaigns will be carried out locally through special theme days, conferences, simulation workshops and exhibitions, organized to start discussions on the topic of disabilities. Employees will be introduced to the constraints faced every day by employees with disabilities, as well as the compensation measures in place throughout the Group. BNP Paribas SA will also send two teams of employees with disabilities on an adventure race, the Free Handi’se Trophy, between Annecy and Nice, on May 21 and 28, 2016!

2015: an especially rich year 

All throughout 2015, a variety of different actions took place, which culminated in November during the Employment of People with Disabilities Week. During the event, BNP Paribas signed an agreement for the advancement of young people with disabilities together with 18 higher education establishments and 12 major corporations. Its objective is to coordinate support services for education and professional certification, while promoting access to employment for young people with disabilities. 

The aim is to avoid career gaps and ensure an easier professional integration process. The agreement targets people under 30 with disabilities, including high school students that may or may not receive care from medical and welfare centers, university students, apprentices, interns in professional training, continuing education or return to school programs, young workers searching for their first job, etc. 

The Employment of People with Disabilities Week – which Mission Handicap at BNP Paribas sponsors every year – is the central event for stakeholders involved with disabilities, employment and civil society. Since 2015, Mission Handicap at BNP Paribas has expanded the “week” to make it the Employment of People with Disabilities Month! During this time, more than 20 Group sites host awareness-raising efforts, with a special focus on invisible disabilities, which represent 80% of all disabilities. 

On the agenda are a number of events aimed at employees: 
•    Workshops on DYS (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia), auditory deficiency and incapacitating diseases
•    Walks with guide dogs and their owners
•    Conferences on the perception and management of disabilities 
•    Quizzes, available online, enabling every employee to test their knowledge of disabilities
•    And an exhibition entitled, “Psychological disabilities: debunking the stereotypes"

From November 16-20, HR managers and recruiting heads from BNP Paribas will also take part in the ADAPT Disabled Job Forums (including in Paris, Metz and Lyon) as well as on online forums to meet with candidates. 

2016 off to a fast start!

In 2016, Mission Handicap has continued its work with more enthusiasm and energy than ever before. In January, it partnered with the awards ceremony during the Handiréseau Days. In February, it launched its coordination of the Convention signed in November. In March, it took part in the fourth series of professional meetings for the orientation of young people with disabilities, the Disabled Talents Forum and the first Disability and Responsible Procurement Expo. 

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