Los Angeles has developed an eco-friendly community where electricity is generated via photovoltaic cells and shared through a community distribution network.

Gatsby Hollywood is the first certified green, all-solar community in Los Angeles. The new development has just received commendations from the City of Los Angeles and the State of California for its environmentally-friendly and sustainable buildings. Its main selling point: the roofs of the Gatsby Hollywood apartments and houses are equipped with solar roof panels that generate electricity distributed throughout the community via a shared network. To ensure that the solar electricity is not lost, the Gatsby Hollywood system features electricity meters capable of circulating electricity among the homes.

Redistributed electricity
This means that any energy that is not consumed immediately is transferred from one house to another to avoid wastage. The community also offers other ways to limit energy consumption, including improved insulation and an Energy-Star®-certified automation heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The initiative also emphasises recycling: more than half of the waste produced by the houses and apartments is recycled. Particular attention is paid to recycling wastewater, which is collected and filtered using a drip system before being put back into circulation using specially adapted plumbing.

Green housing
The Gatsby Hollywood community consumes almost 26 million fewer litres of water per year than the norm. The construction lumber for the homes was harvested from sustainably managed forests in order to preserve the ecosystem. The designers highlight the daily savings achieved by these homes: they are twice as cheap to run as traditional housing. However, all this comes at a price, with the smallest home costing in the region of $750,000. The launch of this real estate project follows a project undertaken by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to improve the energy efficiency of the city's public transportation system using solar energy

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