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Jean-Laurent Bonnafé becomes Thematic Champion for the HeforShe initiative

In the scope of the HeForShe movement launched by the United Nations in 2014, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Director and CEO of BNP Paribas has reinforced his commitment to gender equality by joining 8 Thematic Champions.

BNP Paribas intensifies its commitment to women’s rights

By becoming a Thematic Champion, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé will be reinforcing his commitment and, together with all BNP Paribas employees, undertake concrete initiatives to attain equality and professional diversity. In this three-year partnership, BNP Paribas will focus on two key aspects: 
  • Increase diversity in certain business lines of the Bank that were traditionally made up of mostly women or men.
  • With the HeForShe campaign and the UN, support women entrepreneurs around the world who are creating and developing renewable energy solutions.

Gender equality is central to the corporate commitment of BNP Paribas where 53% of all staff members are female, with 27% women among the 2,500 senior managers – compared to less than 10% over a decade ago. The partnership is therefore a further step in reinforcing the proactive policy of professional equality that BNP Paribas put in place over 10 years ago.

Thematic Champion, HeForShe movement

The HeforShe Thematic Champion initiative consists of mobilising a group of heads of state and public and private sector leaders to publicly promote and concretely act in favour of gender equality in specific areas.  Thematic Champions make a three-year commitment to focus on an area of gender equality within their sphere of influence.

The new HeForShe Champions were chosen because they were considered to be in the best position to advance gender equality and contribute to change in their sectors and communities

Gender equality at BNP Paribas: interview with Barbara Leveel  

In an interview, Barbara Leveel, Head of Human Resources for Global Markets and FIC, looks at gender equality at BNP Paribas. On average, gender equality is well observed in the Group with more than 53% female employees worldwide. But while certain stereotypes are crumbling, some posts still tend to be either too masculine or too feminine. BNP Paribas has now set some 3-year goals to establish gender equality in posts where inequality still reigns.

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