Extel 2014 Survey (16,000 professionals in the financial sector): Jean-Laurent Bonnafé has been ranked No. 1 manager (out of 86) in the European banking sector in the “CEO - Banking Sector” Category in Europe. Lars Machenil, BNP Paribas’ Chief Financial Officer, is ranked second (out of 93) in the “CFO - Banking Sector” Category. In addition, the bank is ranked No. 3 (out of 105) for the quality of its investor relations with the financial market.

Following the publication of this ranking, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé made the following comments : “The leadership position achieved by BNP Paribas rewards its global performance, as perceived by financial analysts. It also demonstrates the quality of the relations and financial communications that we maintain with all the operators in the financial sector. This is excellent news, especially at the current time. The credit goes to all the BNP Paribas Group teams”.

The Extel (a Thomson Reuters Division) Survey is a leading benchmark survey for the financial survey. It is based on the votes of professionals in the financial sector. This year, the survey was conducted between 24 March and 7 May. This year’s survey gathered votes from more than 15,000 buyside professionals representing more than 2,000 funds, 2,500 sellside professionals from 270 brokerage firms and more than 1,000 investment professionals from nearly 800 corporates. The sample group of voters in this survey is very representative of the financial sector, so the ranking is closely followed, particularly by analysts and brokers.

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