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Javier, Knight of decarbonization: discover our #UnexpectedJobs

When he was a kid, Javier was already struggling to find solutions for the planet. He still sees life in green as he now helps companies make the transition to a low-carbon economy. His #UnexpectedJobs? Decarbonisation Crusader! Learn more about his story.

What makes Javier a Knight of decarbonization?

Vocations can be shaped at a very early age. For Javier, it all started when he built his own solar panel to charge up his phone. A few years later, having graduated with a degree in engineering and begun his career in the energy industry, Javier decided to join BNP Paribas.  But what can an energy engineer do in Europe's leading bank? Discover Javier's unexpected job and see how useful his mission is, at the heart of the energy transition.

What are our concrete commitments to respond effectively to environmental challenges?

Javier's personal commitment reflects that of our entire Group, which strives every day to build practical solutions that can combat climate change. How? For example, by funding the generation of clean energy with the clear single goal to reach, by 2030, €40 billion of outstanding low-carbon energy production financing. Thus accomplished more of 80% of the transition of our activities. Those type of commitments are at the heart of BNP Paribas and its teams’ mission: serving our clients now and tomorrow, in the world we all live in.

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