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The power of technology at the service of savings and investment solutions: focus on Gambit Financial Solutions

Gambit Financial Solutions has one goal: harness the power of technology to multiply the advantages of its financial savings and investment advisory solutions and services, in order to satisfy its clients. Focus on this fintech which allows BNP Paribas to accelerate its digital projects in the business of financial savings.

Gambit, the alliance of financial and digital expertise

The ambition of Gambit Financial Solutions has always been to place the client at the centre of investment advisory, through technological innovation. Its core business is to provide technological and digital solutions in order to optimise financial savings and investment advice and allocation, and to allow clients - and their advisor - to benefit from a fluid and personalised digital journey. Gambit's experts have financial and technological skills and work with an agile approach; they benefit from a solid experience curve, as Gambit was created more than 15 years ago by a group of scientists from HEC – Liège (Belgium). These are valuable assets that BNP Paribas spotted when it took a majority stake in Gambit via BNP Paribas Asset Management in 2017 during a fundraising round, before acquiring all of its shares in 2021. The fintech has been led since October 2022 by Laurent Bodson, one of its co-founders.

“Our fintech Gambit Financial Solutions is a key resource to achieve our goals for innovation and customer experience in savings and investment. Our ambition, defined in the GTS 2025 strategic plan, is to become the reference bank for financial savings. This means offering innovative, comprehensive and personalised solutions and advice, geared towards supporting the sustainable development projects that our society requires.”

Renaud Dumora

Deputy Chief Operating Officer of BNP Paribas, Head of Investment & Protection Services division

A wide range of clients

Clients outside the Group represent 50% of its revenues and include other financial institutions such as Axa, Pictet, Neuflize OBC or digital players such as the neo-bank bunq.

Three examples of solutions developed with Gambit

Gambit can claim many achievements with financial institutions in Europe - mainly in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Their solutions are used by more than one million users, across the entire value chain of financial savings advisory and allocation.Some of the projects that Gambit has successfully contributed to over the past year include: 

  • MyMand@te(Opens in a new tab)(Opens in a new tab), a digital and personalised discretionary management service that enables BNP Paribas Banque Privée clients in France to delegate the management of their portfolio to the Bank's experts, according to their objectives and profile; this offer, available since October 2020, benefits from a remarkable customer satisfaction rate (Net Promoter Score of 48, at subscription);
  • MonDemain, the digital platform launched by BNP Paribas Cardif and BNP Paribas Asset Management at the end of 2021, which offers anyone in France - BNP Paribas clients or otherwise - the possibility to plan their retirement with confidence by simulating their asset situation, their desires and future projects and the appropriate long-term savings solutions; 
  • EasyInvest, the automated investment service offered since the beginning of 2022 by the Dutch digital bank bunq using Gambit technology and the services of Birdee, the Luxembourg subsidiary of Gambit (regulated by the CSSF - Luxembourg Commission for the Supervision of the Financial Sector). This discretionary management offer allows the Bank's private clients to easily invest in sustainable instruments without any particular knowledge of finance. 

A powerful lever to accelerate the Group's digital “Savings” projects

Gambit is a powerful lever for accelerating BNP Paribas' digital “Financial savings” projects in Europe. Gambit solutions, which natively capitalise on data, respond to many current challenges to better serve the customer. They enable the Group to: 

  • optimise the tools for its customer advisers
  • integrate changes related to new customer needs in terms of regular monitoring and optimisation of their savings
  • take better account of customer choices in terms of responsible savings (customer profiling, incorporating their ESG preferences, namely their expectations on the environmental, social and good governance criteria of their sustainable investment choices).

Gambit’s technological shift

Thanks to an investment from its parent company BNP Paribas Asset Management of €20m over 4 years, Gambit is developing a set of “off-the-shelf” solutions, available in the cloud. Designed to be easily configurable, they will be more quickly tailored for each need and each entity of the Group. Gambit will therefore move from offering only tailor-made solutions, for each specific project, to providing “off-the-shelf” technological services

The ambition is to speed up the delivery of solutions to the clients: three months instead of nine. 

“We are pooling our development efforts to offer a single technology, which can then be configured for the specific needs of each customer. This will allow us to significantly speed up delivery and sell our solutions at a lower price”.

Laurent Bodson

CEO of Gambit Financial Solutions

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