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Rafal, Digital bridge builder: discover our #UnexpectedJobs

What if we told you that working in a bank isn’t quite what you might think? That at BNP Paribas, we don’t have just one job, but a multitude of job options, from customer relationship management to digital transformation, big data and actuarial expertise... Things are changing, the world is changing, and so is BNP Paribas. Our jobs and business activities are constantly evolving as we adapt to new societal and environmental challenges. Behind the BNP Paribas Group stand 193,000 dedicated employees who help our clients with their everyday plans, thus being at the very heart of the major transformational changes now underway in society. Find out what these jobs actually mean by discovering our #UnexpectedJobs !

What makes Rafal a Digital bridge builder?

Rafal doesn’t quite fit the traditional image of someone who works for a bank. But it’s really his personality that lets him make a difference in its job. Rafal believes that technology drives business transformation, but equally that connecting with business also transforms technology. Discover how his unexpected job allows him to build bridges that connect these two worlds.

What are our concrete commitments to respond effectively to the evolution of the banking sector?

The world is changing, and the speed of change is determined by the accelerating pace of transformation and innovation, particularly in digital innovation. The banking sector must match that pace and evolve accordingly. Fostering ‘Beyond Banking’ is a perfect way to do so. The basic principle is simple: offering our clients products and services other than the traditional financial ones. This can be done through ‘Banking-as-a-Platform’ or ‘Banking-as-a-Service’, both of which offer non-financial services that fully align with our primary goal of making daily life easier for our personal and corporate clients.

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