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How FLOA became the leader in the split payment market?

Offering our customers freedom, control, flexibility and transparency when it comes to their payments is an essential challenge. FLOA has emerged as a major player in the split payment market with its “Buy Now Pay Later” solution. It is now going a step further with “Buy Now Pay Whenever”, giving consumers the chance to take control of their payments by paying in instalments before, during and after the purchase. Focus on these solutions presented during our “Pa(y)ving The Way” event in Brussels dedicated to payments.

43% of Europeans use Buy Now Pay Later

Present in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, FLOA is stepping up its international development, with the support of BNP Paribas. Its goal? To simplify payments for customers and merchants thanks to payment in instalments, mini loans and bank cards. According to FLOA, 43% of Europeans use “Buy Now Pay Later” facilities. How do these split payment solutions work? What are the benefits for customers?

Answers with José Saloio, Chief Executive Officer of FLOA

French leader in payment solutions

Since its creation, FLOA has been part of a permanent innovation dynamic. It places the customer and user experience (UX) at the centre of its strategy. Some examples illustrating this leadership position in France.

Customer Service of the Year 2024

FLOA is once again elected Customer Service of the Year 2024 in France, for the fourth consecutive year in the Credit Agency category and for the second time also in the Payment Solutions category. FLOA has completely transformed its customer relationship in five years and has taken the gamble of an innovative customer service where technology is always at the service of its customers.

Buy Now Pay Whenever 

FLOA offers a “Buy Now Pay Whenever” facility, allowing consumers to take back control of their payments by paying in instalments before, during, and after the purchase. By focusing its latest innovations on mobile uses, FLOA provides a smoother user experience and more control over payment as well as greater flexibility budget wise.

Buy Now Pay Later  

FLOA and the Kantar institute have published their second survey on the global “Buy Now Pay Later” trend. A practice adopted by 43% of Europeans and up by 22% compared to last year. This trend allows chains and e-commerce players to diversify their payment methods.

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