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What are the next challenges for NiCKEL?

In the last 10 years, NiCKEL has been offering its customers payment solutions that meet their specific needs. The fintech promotes usefulness, simplicity, universality and benevolence as values, applied concretely in its innovative offerings and distribution model. Focus on this unique value proposition presented during our “Pa(y)ving The Way” event in Brussels dedicated to payments.

More than 3 million clients in 2023

From promising start-up to major European player, NiCKEL has grown exponentially. The company has remained true to its initial value proposition of being accessible to the entire population, regardless of income. NiCKEL uses a dual model: digital, with a dedicated application, and physical, with a network of partner distributors; tobacconists in France and local businesses in Europe. Having passed the symbolic milestone of 3 million customers in 2023, what are the next challenges?

Answers with Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Deputy CEO of NiCKEL

A service accessible to all, for all!

NiCKEL combines digital with the proximity of physical distribution outlets, to get the best of both worlds. Here are a few examples to illustrate this position as a major player in Europe.

After launching its offer in Spain in early 2021, followed by Belgium and Portugal in 2022, NiCKEL is continuing its European expansion on the German market, with the aim of reaching 5,000 points of sale and 600,000 customers within 5 years. By developing its offering in Europe’s most heavily populated country, and thanks to its innovative model, NiCKEL is offering a new service in a rapidly changing German banking market.

In its first impact report, produced by Archipel&Co, NiCKEL sees its influence acting on three levels: on its 3 million customers, on its 7,000 partner tobacconists and in all territories in mainland France and the French Overseas Departments and Territories. Its universal, accessible and empowering offer does make a social and economic contribution in France. 

At the beginning of 2023, NiCKEL passed the milestone of 3 million accounts opened within its distribution network of almost 7,000 points of sale. The fintech is the second-largest bank account distribution network in France. This momentum confirms its lead over its strategic plan, which forecast 4 million customers in France by 2024.

© Photo: Thomas Courtois, CEO of NiCKEL,
Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Deputy CEO of NiCKEL.

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