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Group's Social Responsibility: 2022 key figures in infographic

Encouraging the development and commitment of our employees is a key priority for the Group. In line with our GTS 2025 strategic plan, BNP Paribas has pursued an active policy in favour of diversity, equality, inclusion, responsible employment management and career development. Check out our 2022 achievements.

Strong support in Ukraine

In response to the political crisis in Ukraine, the Group set up support systems for its 5,000 Ukrainian employees and the Ukrainian population to deal with the humanitarian emergency. A surge of solidarity was also shown by employees throughout the Group to support the Ukrainian people in neighbouring countries.

Launch of the Sustainability Academy

Sustainable Development and Finance are at the heart of the GTS 2025 strategic plan. Launched at the end of 2022, the Sustainability Academy will enable everyone to understand the key issues in sustainable finance. The Academy offers a selection of the best knowledge and techniques, enabling everyone in the Group, regardless of their maturity, profile or geography, to acquire the skills they need to take action.

Awards, scores and certifications for social responsibility in 2022

The Group continues to receive external recognition for its social responsibility performance in 2022. Our initiatives have been rewarded with very good scores or certifications from the main extra-financial rating agencies or other organisations, such as Standard & Poor's CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment), Moody's ESG Solutions, Bloomberg Financial Services Gender Equality Index, Certification Alliance Diversité et Inclusion by Afnor and Top Employer Europe 2022.

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