As the bank for a changing world, with a deep commitment to innovation, BNP Paribas is creating an ecosystem of digital solutions that are helping it to better meet the needs of all of its customers, employees and partners worldwide. 

The latest app for customers and shareholders

Last June, BNP Paribas partnered with Orange to offer its banking customers in Africa direct access to their BNP Paribas and Orange Money accounts using their mobile phones. Already available in Côte d’Ivoire, this service will be extended to other countries where the Group and Orange are present, including Senegal.

For its shareholders, BNP Paribas Securities Services launched Planetshares in July. The free tablet app, available for download on the App store and Google Play, is a remarkably easy-to-use tool for managing assets securely.

Entrepreneurs now have their own app too, also launched in July: “BNP Paribas Companies and SMEs”. Available on the App Store, it allows users to track their assets and carry out transactions securely and at any time. This initiative is part of the “Entrepreneurs 2016” programme.

In Belgium, France and Italy, BNP Paribas has launched Mobo, the first banking solution for mobile payments using a smartphone. Available since March, this application makes it easier for retailers, tradespeople and professionals who travel as part of their business to accept payments. Mobo works with smartphones that have installed the app, together with a card reader. Once a payment is made, the customer receives an email receipt for their transaction. This offer is billed on a per-use basis, with no monthly fee.

In the United States, Bank of the West’s Quick Balance app won the 2014 Monarch Innovation Award for most innovative product in April. Available on the App Store and Google Play, this solution lets customers view their account balances without logging in, receive personal and context-based bank messages offering products that best meet their needs and watch tutorials. Bank of the West customers who have Quick Balance use it to make an average of 14 transactions per month.

BNP Paribas was also a part of the development and launch in September 2013 of Paylib, a secure online payment service accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer. Developed together with Société Générale and Banque Postale, the Paylib solution will also be used by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa from January 2015. 

Sharing what we love

For BNP Paribas, innovation is also about helping us share the things we love with others, including a love for cinema.

In late May, BNP Paribas launched the app “Séance Ciné”, developed in partnership with Cinémur.

Available on, the App Store and Google Play, and completely free, it makes it easy for you to organise going to see a film with your friends, using email or SMS. All the key information about the films is available in the app: showtimes, trailers, summaries, notes, and casting. 

Simply pick the film, the cinema and the time and invite anyone you like to go and see the film. In France, it’s the first app that simplifies organising a trip to the cinema for a group of people.


To strengthen its rapport with all of its stakeholders, BNP Paribas has a policy of continuous innovation and of constantly anticipating the needs and interests of each of them, throughout the world, and across all of the Group’s businesses. 

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