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EcoTV WEEK - Debt for each, crisis for all

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Overview: Gloomy weather in emerging world
Given the global deterioration, growth in the emerging countries is likely to slow at least until the summer.

The week in the US: Zero bound
At the 19 and 20 June meeting, FOMC members decided to extend Operation Twist (the purchase of long-term Treasuries financed by the sale of short-term instruments) through the end of the year.

The week in the Eurozone: Spain, assistance comes at a price
This week was marked by meetings of the Ecofin Council and the Eurogroup (the first comprised of finance ministers from the EU and the second of finance ministers solely from the eurozone).

France : from the social conference to the social contribution
The Grande Conférence Sociale (GCS) was organised by the government on 9 and 10 July with the primary aim of establishing with employers and unions a new culture of social dialogue and “positive compromise” about the major economic challenges ahead.

EcoWeek July 13

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