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EcoTV WEEK - Spain: A bad reputation

Thibault Mercier, OCDE economist

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Overview: Spain - The cost of doubt

The vagueness around Spanish banks capital needs and the way of coping with it, with or without Europe, is costly for Rajoy government.

The week in the US: In need for jobs

Data released this week were rather disappointing, even if they do not point to worsening US prospects… yet.

The week in the Euro zone: From bad to worse

This week, the European Commission published its closely-watched Economic Sentiment Indicator, which has been a good leading indicator of GDP momentum.

Focus 1: Ireland

The ‘Yes' vote prevailed in the referendum on the European fiscal compact held on Thursday 31 May.

Focus 2: Greek banks - holding their breath

Following an anxious wait lasting several weeks, Greece's banks have finally been recapitalised. While this comes as a relief, it will not prevent further outflows of deposits.

EcoWEEK: Spain - The cost of doubt

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