On January 21st 2008, the French Social Investment Forum (FIR) of which BNP Paribas is a member handed out awards for the third edition of the French SIF European Award for “Finance and Sustainability” 2008. By building bridges between universities, stakeholders and the financial world, the Award aims to increase investigative research allowing for new and innovative management.

The Award will also give value to French and European university research, as well as help promote Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). The French SIF awards – best article, PhD thesis and Master's thesis -, of 5000 euros each, have been granted to European students and researchers who were selected from a group of 31 candidates. The French SIF also decided to hand out and finance two research grants, worth 3000 euros each, on the themes of “Financial instruments and sustainable development” and “Financial and Social Issues”.

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