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Fostering women's entrepreneurship in Africa through smart agriculture support in Senegal

Antoine Sire, head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas, recalls the Group's support for Senegalese women through its various actions: raising awareness of sustainable and smart agriculture, promoting financial inclusion, fostering entrepreneurship...

Choosing sustainable farming by women

In Africa, global warming has significant impacts on local populations who are sometimes forced to leave their villages. Women often take over from men to cultivate the land. In view of this, BNP Paribas and UN Women launched a programme to support Senegalese women, in March 2019. The goal of this partnership? Develop climate-resilient agriculture and women’s entrepreneurship in Northern Senegal. The PAFADD project (Projet d’Appui aux Femmes dans l’Agriculture et le Développement Durable, or "project to support women in agriculture and sustainable development") aims to empower 30,000 Senegalese women farmers by 2021.

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