Findomestic, the Italian subsidiary of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, recently launched a new and innovative advertising campaign entitled “Nei Tuoi Panni”, or “in your shoes”.

Following a screening process, the company opened its doors to 6 customers for an 18-week period. The participating customers, from across Italy, were to shadow Findomestic advisors in their daily activities to discover what their work was really like. The idea was to show the “backstage” of its daily work in a transparent manner, the process for creating offers, and the difficult work undertaken by advisors in the collection department.

A film crew was present during the entire experience, and an 8-episode reality show, the core of the “Nei Tuoi Panni” advertising campaign, was produced. The first episode was aired on Findomestic's YouTube channel and Italian television on 9 April, and a new episode has been released every week on YouTube and the Findomestic site. The “season finale” will be aired on 28 May.

In each episode, viewers can follow the development of the six customers with the Findomestic employees, how they measure up to the different challenges of the customer programme, their experiences as described during a number of “confessionals”, and so forth. And, as in a genuine reality show, the “candidates” compete against one another, and one will emerge as the winner at the end of the 8 episodes. Each candidate will be judged by a jury of Findomestic directors according to his or her knowledge of the company's products and services.

Watch backstage footage of the campaign.

The concept

The idea for the campaign was rooted in an observation that customers today have the impression that banks and financial institutions do not defend their interests.
The “Nei Tuoi Panni” concept responds to this sentiment, with a goal is to prove customers that Findomestic employees are people just like them, and they can therefore talk to each other frankly, in full transparency.

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