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European Heritage Days 2017

Because the raising awareness of the young generations in the knowledge and the conservation of the heritage is a priority objective of the Ministry of Culture, European Heritage Days are placed this year, for their thirty-fourth edition, under the theme of the youth. During two days, on the next September 16th and 17th, everything will be implemented, everywhere in France, to make sensitive the youngest in these stakes.

Everywhere in France about 17 000 monuments open their doors and propose more than 26 000 animations for the 34th edition of European Heritage Days. 

This edition will therefore be aimed at the young public and its awareness of the heritage, the history of the Nation and the history of art, or heritage trades. Workshops, special visits are scheduled.

The European Heritage Days 2017's program


Discover the webserie of the outstanding buildings of BNP Paribas

Do you know that the buildings where BNP Paribas teams work are full of history? By turns they have seen important persons, have been witnesses of major historical and economic events, stamped milestones of the architectural history or housed prestigious art collections. From the civil wedding of Napoléon at 3 rue d'Antin in Paris to the prestigious artists of the 14 rue Bergère in Paris, enter BNP Paribas Group architectural heritage backstage.  

These three thematic episodes, available on Saturday on the site dedicated to the history of the Group "Well of History", will focus on:

  • Modernity. Many of the Group's historical sites allow us to trace technical advances in architecture.
  • Artists: the aesthetics of the buildings currently occupied by BNP Paribas.
  • Historical events. These sites have also witnessed historical events.

Discover the webseries Architecture and Banking

Well of History


Two centuries of banking with BNP Paribas


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