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EcoTV WEEK: France, a risky 2013 budget

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Editorial : The worst of all counter-attacks
Domestic politics are again setting the eurozone agenda. Spain and Germany are playing with fire.

Overview : May the force be with it
The German economy, which is famous for its cycles, seems getting better. This economic improvement may have some political implications.

The week in the Euro zone : European leaders required to turn words in concrete actions
With the publication of its new World Economic Outlook (October 2012), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) found that the evolution of the European crisis was still one of the main risk factors for world growth.

Focus1 : French budget, compliant compact
France ratifies the European budgetary compact and confirms to reduce the budget deficit to 3% in 2013, promising unprecedented budgetary discipline.

Focus2 : Waiting for Rajoy
The Spanish government delays requesting European aid which Germany is in no hurry to accept.

Focus3 : Portuguese banks, in better shape to face the threats?
In Portugal, the banking restructuring has made a degree of progress.

EcoWeek October 12

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