The new version of "EduCare BNL" has been launched. This initiative, created by BNL BNP Paribas Group in 2009, offers financial education opportunities to current and potential customers to help them make better advised and informed choices when managing their savings and their life plans.


Since the launch of the project, over 35,000 participants (individuals, families, and companies) have attended 1,800 free seminars organised at 200 BNL branches.

This year, BNL has chosen the publisher Feltrinelli as a partner to develop a new meeting format, based on the learn-as-you-do approach. The seminars, given by Paolo Legrenzi, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Ca' Foscari University in Venice, will lead the participants through reflection on some human psychological traits and on how they affect economic and financial choices. The purpose will be to stimulate the participants, enhancing their awareness of their individual preferences, aspirations, and objectives.

Another new feature of EduCare 2012 is the partnership with Wired, the magazine specialised in new technologies, which will develop the theme "digital revolution" and how new tools can simplify daily life. The seminars will be given by Guido Romeo and Federico Ferrazza, journalists of Wired magazine.

The design and content of the website has been updated, but additionally, and most notably, it will be enhanced by a blog where news items mentioned in social media postings by BNL Community members will be followed up and discussed in depth.

EduCare is also present on Facebook and Twitter to provide additional venues in which the initiative can be followed, as well as encourage active participation within the BNL Community by proposing discussion themes.

To find out more and to consult the event schedule, visit the website

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