Logo EcoTVIn the July-August edition of BNP Paribas' webTV, you will find a retrospective of the European Summit, an analysis of the European economy and its impacts outside the Euro Zone. As a bonus, Philippe d'Arvisenet, BNP Paribas' Chief Economist, draws a short comparison between the instauration of budgetary federalism in Europe and the U.S.

EcoTV July-August- This edition's full video, with BNP Paribas' experts: Frédérique Cerisier, Philippe d'Arvisenet et Sylvaine Bellefontaine

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This edition' subjects are:

European Summit : First steps towards banking and fiscal union
Frédérique CERISIER

Is monetary policy efficient?

Meanwhile, on the EU's borders...

Bonus : A long time ago in the US

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