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EcoTV WEEK - First fiscal austerity steps by François Hollande
Hélène Baudchon, OECD economist

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Global: The summer of central banks
Central banks dominated the limelight this week. Faced with an avalanche of bad economic indicators, it was only expected that there would be a further easing of monetary policy in the European Union.

France: Austerity in one form or another
On the 4th of July, François Hollande's government unveiled the first austerity measures. They will not be the last.

US: Relative independence
While the American economy was resilient to the global slowdown so far, the United States are not an exception anymore.
Thibault MERCIER

Eurozone: Zero interest rate policy... virtually
At this week's Governing Council meeting, the ECB cut the refi rate, by 25bp to 0.75% – its lowest level ever recorded. Economic conditions justified an interest rate cut.
Clemente DE LUCIA

The 28&29th of June EU Summit: Some thoughts
The European summit on 28-29 June could finally mark a turning point in the eurozone crisis. Germany shifted its position in favour of a banking union and faster, more flexible use of European firewalls. But lots of details are still missing and markets are impatient…

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