August will be stressful: the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone gets worse, especially in Greece and Spain; the ECB commits itself to preserving the Euro; and all over the world, central banks meet to discuss new perspectives.

EcoTV WEEK - August will be stressful
Alexandra ESTIOT, OECD economist

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Overview: Survival (whatever it takes)
Ireland successfully back on financial markets. Encouraging comments from Mr Dragi.
Alexandra ESTIOT

Overview: Slower, lower, weaker
It's time for holiday, but with liquidity on financial markets dropping, better keep an eye open.
Alexandra ESTIOT

The week in the US: In search of a second wind
Next week will be busy in the US, with the July reports for the manufacturing ISM and the labour market. But the main event will be the FOMC meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Alexandra ESTIOT

The week in the Euro zone: Should we authorize doping?
No summer break for the eurozone. Greece's future in the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) hangs on the conclusions of the Troika's inspectors' report expected in late August, the first inspection since the second rescue programme was set up.
Thibault MERCIER

EcoWeek July 27

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