On 17 March 2014, BNP Paribas Fortis was presented with Ecodynamic Enterprise labels by Evelyne Huytebroeck, Brussels Minister for the Environment, Energy and Urban Regeneration, for two of its buildings in Brussels, Belgium.

The Brussels Capital Region awards these labels to companies in recognition of their commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated in their buildings and equipment. BNP Paribas Fortis received those labels for the “ecodynamics” actions taken in its buildings during the past few years:

- introduction of a system for selective waste collection;

- 70 tons of waste paper is collected from three buildings in Brussels each year, for local processing. This recycling concept produces considerable annual savings in water (177,990 litres), energy (9,672 KWh) and CO2 emissions (almost 7 tons). The goal is to reduce paper use by 15% by 2015 and CO2 emissions from transport and energy use by 10% per full time equivalent;

- awareness campaigns are organized by a network of more than 500 EcoCoaches, staff members who volunteer to encourage their colleagues to behave in a more environmentally friendly way;

- broaden the vegetarian options, in association with EVA, a non-profit organization, in May 2013. EVA is the organization behind the campaign “Veggie Thursday” in Belgium: employees are invited to eat a vegetarian dish at least once a week – a more balanced and environmentally friendly meal;

- during the same period, customers who use PC banking as their platform for online banking can opt for electronic account statements in A4 format. By March 2014, 15% of them had already opted for this environmentally friendly alternative. This saves around 90 tons of paper a year. It is expected that 30% of customers will have switched to the electronic account statement (which remains retrievable for 10 years) by the end of 2013 (and 17% by the end of end 2014).

There are numerous other priorities: reducing energy use; producing and consuming renewable energy; using sustainable materials for building and renovation; limiting waste production; encouraging sorting of waste; conserving the environment and maintaining biodiversity, including by installing beehives on the roofs of several buildings.

The award reflects the steady progress that BNP Paribas Fortis has made with reducing its environmental footprint and these actions are in line with the objectives that the BNP Paribas Group has set in terms of environmental responsibility.

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