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Diversity & Inclusion Week 2019: BNP Paribas is building staff awareness with a number of events around the world

From 14 to 18 October 2019, the BNP Paribas Group is holding its Diversity and Inclusion Week: conferences, workshops, discussions, cultural events and activities... The aim is to open up dialogue and build awareness among BNP Paribas staff on issues relating to respect for diversity in businesses, a recognised source of performance and growth.

5 days to celebrate diversity and inclusion

To help develop a respectful working environment, BNP Paribas is organising a week of events and activities around the world to encourage people to open up to others.

This week is a key annual event showcasing the Group’s diversity and inclusion policy, which it has rolled out for nearly 15 years. This event will bring staff from all the Group’s entities worldwide together around various issues, from intergenerational aspects to religious diversity and disabilities...

In addition to conferences, debates and workshops, we are also organising concerts, plays… 

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A strong commitment 

For many years, BNP Paribas has gone above and beyond the regulatory and legal requirements by enacting a committed and responsible D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) Policy in every country where the Group operates. 

Since 2007, BNP Paribas has identified discrimination as one of its 30 major operational risks. In 2015, the Group placed diversity at the center of the “BNP Paribas Way,” a charter outlining the company’s main values. 

Almost 15 years ago, BNP Paribas decided to structure its actions by forming a dedicated team and committee, consisting of 35 Diversity Officers and representing the 72 countries where the Group operates, as well as all of its business lines and functions. “Promoting diversity and inclusion” thus became one of the company’s 12 CSR commitments in 2012. 

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