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Discover the new edition of the “At a glance” 2018-2019 brochure

Together with the Integrated Report, “At a glance” 2018-2019 presents a summary of the key facts and figures for 2018 and looks at how the Group combines economic performance with sustainable value creation.

"At a glance" 2018-2019, a summary of the facts and key figures of 2018

Based on different formats, the Integrated Report and the “At a glance” brochure are dedicated media for sharing information and presenting the Group. “At a glance” provides an overall overview of BNP Paribas, when the Integrated Report offers to discover in greater detail the Group,  its strategy, its organisation and business lines, and a certain number of its 2018 key facts.

These two documents, look at the strategic orientations of the Group’s 2020 development and transformation plan, and set out BNP Paribas’ commitment to:
  1. Building sustainable performance by integrating the transformation taking place in our environment;
  2. Creating value for our clients through our integrated model, based on strong cooperation between our business lines;
  3. Fostering useful innovation and developing positive impact solutions to serve sustainable growth;
  4. Sharing a culture of ethics and responsibility in our daily work.
BNP Paribas 2018 Integrated Report

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