Following the first Carbon Assessment® project in 2006, Cortal Consors France has carried out its second Carbon Assessment® in order to measure CO2 emissions linked to its activities. Carbon Assessment® is a method of measuring greenhouse gas emissions, whether direct or induced by economical or administrative activities. In November 2007, an audit of its main site in Parisian region has been conducted to evaluate the building emission, the energy consumption and to analyse the collaborators movements.

In 2007, the assessment revealed emissions of 2 004 metric tonnes of CO2 per year, i.e. 3,34 Tons Carbon Equivalent per employee. This corresponds to a 2,9% decline in emissions compared to 2006. This falls is due to less business-related travel (by plane/train) thanks to video conferences, conferences calls and more use of public transport by employees. Since 2006; Cortal Consors has been actively engaged in different Useful Investment programmes (in Cambodia, Chile and India) in order to offset its CO2 emissions. It will continue to finance new environmental projects in 2008.

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