In collaboration with L’Atelier, BNP Paribas created Change it, a video magazine which presents innovation, in all its forms.It aims at identifying the most innovative start-ups and providing and insight on their business, anywhere in the world.

Smart surveys raises nearly 5 times more responses than conventional surveys.They represent a major challenge for companies in terms of customer relationships by enabling them to target consumers, and offer products that suit them.

To meet these needs, MyFeelBack develops smart polls which ask customers individually.The collected responses feed databases of MyFeelBack’s clients. A growth market, with almost 50% of businesses lacking data about their consumers.

"The challenge is to capture the hot feedback explains Aurore Beugniez, co-founder of MyFeelBack, this is what is extremely valuable for companies." A positioning which has attracted many customers, since MyFeelBack keeps on growing. The start-up has also just opened an office in New York City, near Wall Street, to launch in the US market.


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