In collaboration with L’Atelier, BNP Paribas created Change it, a video magazine which presents innovation, in all its forms. It aims at identifying the most innovative start-ups and providing and insight on their business, anywhere in the world

With 1 start-up for 1,600 inhabitants, Israel holds a world record.Tel Aviv is even the second Silicon Valley of the world after its California counterpart.

Among the 5,000 Israeli companies of this type, 63 are listed on the NASDAQ. This dynamism is generated by several factors. Aids, first : private and public , they represent nearly 5% of the Israeli GDP. The Israeli army also plays the role of a real incubator, through its unit 8,200, specialized in electronic intelligence. Many of his former recruits found start-ups.

The Israeli start-ups attract attention of several digital giants, eyeing innovations that may be tomorrow's successes...

Check out the first issue of Change it, on Israel, where about 500 start-ups are created every year.

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