BNP Paribas ranks second in France (out of 142) for the quality of its financial communication and investor relations. In addition, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé has been named the no. 1 CEO in the “CEOs Best for Investor Relations – France” (out of 106 CEOs). Lars Machenil, CFO of BNP Paribas, ranks second (out of 116) in the “CFOs Best for Investor Relations – France” category and Stéphane de Marnhac, Head of Investor Relations and Financial Information (RIIF) at BNP Paribas, ranks no.1 (out of 232) in the “Best IR Professionals – France” category.

Following the publication of this ranking, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé stated: "BNP Paribas’ leadership position demonstrates the quality of financial communication that we maintain with all players in the financial sector. It is a particularly strong recognition which rewards the work of all the BNP Paribas Group teams”.

The Extel Europe ranking is a leading benchmark survey for the financial sector. It is based on the votes of financial industry professionals. This year, it was carried out between 23 March and 30 April. There were more than 18,000 voting participants from more than 2,600 investment funds and 1,000 large European corporates as well as 2,800 sell-side analysts working at some 280 brokerage companies. Therefore, the sample group of voters in this survey is very representative of financial professionals, and thus the ranking is closely followed especially by analysts and brokers.

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