In 2004, BNP Paribas signed the French Diversity Charter and a company agreement regarding equal professional opportunities for men and women. Since that time, the Group has been continuously engaged in promoting diversity by implementing practical measures and developing partnerships with not-for-profit associations.

The new BNP Paribas Diversity report, published in July 2013, describes the progress achieved in four areas: ethnic diversity, professional equality between men and women, the employment and integration of people with disabilities, and age diversity. Today, diversity is fully integrated into the corporate culture of BNP Paribas.

The Group's diversity-related initiatives include, but are not limited to:

1. Promoting all talented employees, regardless of their ethnic origin

· Work/study programmes are on the increase in France, up more than 21% between 2008 and 2012. At end-2012, 52% of work/study graduates were hired.
· In 2012, the recruitment target of 11% of young people (aged 26 and under) from priority neighbourhoods was significantly exceeded.
· Strengthening partnerships with Adie, Afev, Our Neighbourhoods have Talent, and 270 local associations working in the areas of education, employability and improving quality of life.

2. Promoting equal opportunities and equal treatment for men and women at every stage of their professional lives

· For 2014, the Group has set a target of 25% of senior management posts to be held by women. The previous target of 20% for 2012 was achieved and exceeded.
· In 2012, the first woman was appointed to the Group Executive Committee, while the number of women on the Group Board of Directors is among the highest in France.
· Ministerial approval for “Positive Measures” related to equality of professional opportunity for men and women was granted to BNP Paribas in Luxembourg in 2012.
· At end-2012, CIB launched the global “Women's Leadership Initiative” (WLI) programme to help increase the number of women in key executive positions on the bank's management team.
· New “MixCity” networks have been created around the world with the same goal: to help women break through the “glass ceiling”.
· The BNP Paribas CIB “Parenting and Employee Support” network in London provides support to employees who are also parents and complements the services offered by the bank.

3. Employment and integration of people with disabilities: job security, increased recruitment, strengthening the use of the sheltered employment sector and raising the awareness of all employees

· Second company agreement regarding the integration and continuing employment of disabled individuals for a four-year period (2012-2015).
· Facilities and individual training for employees with disabilities.
· BNP Paribas employees in the UK-created ABILITY, the first network for people with disabilities, in 2012.
· In Belgium, BNP Paribas Fortis was awarded the 2012 CAP48 Corporate Citizenship Accessibility Prize.

4. Working together across all generations and maintaining the highest level of skills for senior employees

· Significant increase in the percentage of individual promotions and salary increases for employees aged 55 and over between 2008 and 2012.
· At end-2012, the 20% mobility target for employees aged 50 years and older was achieved.
· The first agreement in support of seniors at BNP Paribas SA was signed in July 2012.

Diversity is a key commitment for BNP Paribas. The renewal of the Diversity Label in 2012 for a 4-year period rewarded the Group's progress in France in this respect. In April 2013, BNP Paribas SA unanimously signed its first Diversity Agreement, marking an important stage in BNP Paribas' diversity policy, now firmly oriented toward promoting equal opportunities and inclusion.

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