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BNP Paribas organises Diversity and Inclusion Weeks 2018

From 8 to 19 October 2018, BNP Paribas is organising Diversity and Inclusion Weeks to increase BNP Paribas staff members’ awareness of the importance of promoting and respecting corporate diversity as a recognised driving force for performance and growth.

Two weeks to celebrate Diversity & Inclusion

Being tolerant and open towards others contributes to a feeling of belonging among the people of our company. 

During this fortnight, BNP Paribas around the world will be organising conferences, shows, visits and roundtables on a variety of topics: cultural diversity, gender equality, sexual orientation and gender identity, physical appearance, religious diversity, disability, and more.

This year’s spotlight topic will be intergenerational relationships, represented in particular by the internal BNP Paribas network WeGenerations. Its goal? To facilitate exchange between young and senior employees, with all that it implies in terms of transmitting knowledge and skills between them, and questioning or taking a different look at stereotypes linked to age.

Shared between subsidiaries and the different core businesses of the Group, the network also aims to promote the sharing of views, experiences and complementary career paths between the different generations and to facilitate personal orientation and development in a united, caring environment.

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Diversity Charter

The Group is moreover reaffirming its commitment by signing the new version of the Diversity Charter in France, on September, 28. 

The Diversity Charter helps to develop a management that is respectful of differences and based on trust. It improves team cohesion, a source of better living together and therefore performance.

The Diversity Charter has been updated in 2018. The notion of diversity has gradually expanded to include many different criteria, and today addresses all stakeholders of organisations, both internal and external. Associated issues are being reinforced, in particular awareness of the impact that diversity has on economic performance achieved through management that is respectful of individual differences. 

The aim of diversity and inclusion is above all to create a work environment that is enriching and fulfilling for all employees.

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