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Diversity of origins: CulturALL internal network, a robust movement driven by highly motivated members

Created a little over a year ago, the CulturALL network brings together various local BNP Paribas Group networks from around the world. It promotes a fair and inclusive working environment, driven by the Group’s belief that its ethnocultural and multicultural diversity is a strength.

CulturALL, stronger together

CulturALL global network was created at the initiative of several networks of BNP Paribas Group employees involved in promoting diversity of origin: Afrinity in France, Friends of Africa in Belgium, UK Multicultural Network and Black Heritage ERG (Employee Resource Group) in Canada. They have since been joined by other networks: Raça in Brazil, BOLD in Portugal, APAC CulturALL in APAC, Nordic Multicultural Network in northern European countries and Multiculturalità in Italy.

Supported by the Group’s top management and led by Isabelle Loc, CulturALL’s sponsor and Chief Executive Officer of Leasing Solutions, the network acts to:

  • Combat discrimination based on origin;
  • Ensure better ethnocultural representation at all levels of the Group;

  • Strengthen communication on diversity of origins;

  • Develop cross-network synergy and work in co-development with local networks.

A network is a way of creating a space where people can talk freely, where ideas flow and where you can find committed people to act and move forward together

Isabelle Loc

Chief Executive Officer Leasing Solutions

On 10 January, CulturALL celebrated its first anniversary. This was an opportunity for members and friends of the network to celebrate last year’s achievements and to build up momentum for 2023, a year that will be full of great projects. Watch the video!

One year for CulturALL!

The CulturALL logo: more than shape and colour

  • The mosaic represents the diversity of all cultures, ethnicities and origins.
  • The globe symbolises the connection of all countries, united to speak with one voice.
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