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Anissa, Closed doors opener for students: discover our #UnexpectedJobs

Anissa has had her ups and downs. The lows she compares to closed doors. Today, she is committed to supporting those who dream big but don't always have the means to do so. Her #UnexpectedJobs? Opening closed doors for students. In other words? Helping students get into the career of their choice by financing the studies of scholarship holders.

How is Anissa Opening closed doors for students?

Anissa's working life is like the hundreds of young people she helps every day: unique. As they face an equally unique range of situations and circumstances, she helps them to find solutions that will allow them to advance with their lives with confidence. She doesn’t work for them, but with them. And she watches them develop over the years, from student to young professionnal, business owner or parent, which in turn enables her to grow up and live her unexpected job to the fullest.

What are our concrete commitments to respond effectively to societal challenges?

Right at the start the Covid-19 crisis, BNP Paribas began the process of stepping up its support for young people and the most vulnerable ones in society. Like our other bank advisers, Anissa strives every day to help young people fund their studies, working within a funding pool of €20 million earmarked for unsecured loans to students benefiting from grants.

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