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BNP Paribas podcasts: listen to the voices of people who act for a better world!

BNP Paribas supports a number of projects and charities active in society. The bank also pays particular attention to providing employees with an inclusive working environment. Supporting the voices of committed individuals and celebrities with atypical backgrounds can help to change attitudes and create a fairer, more inclusive society. Listen to our selection of podcasts and meet the men and women who are taking action to change the world.

Sharing equality


Classe is a podcast that turns the spotlight on equal opportunities. Or how to make something of your life, when you may have started out in challenging circumstances. To illustrate the point, Sophie-Marie Larrouy talks to artists, activists and entrepreneurs who have benefited from the help of the BNP Paribas Foundation.
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Mal parti, bien arrivé (Bad start, good finish) (Opens in a new tab)(Opens in a new tab)- Despite a wayward childhood, Eddy Durteste went on to create 12 jobs and is currently setting up a training centre so that the notion of equal opportunities has real meaning.
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Finding your place

In my shoes

This is the podcast for game changers who question us about our relations with others. A series on Diversity and Inclusion in business and in our society.


Eric Singler - How the nudge can be a balance booster?(Opens in a new tab)(Opens in a new tab) Nudge now appeals to companies worldwide who see it as an attractive way to get employees to make positive choices, like adopting eco-responsible actions or motivating female applications for employment positions of responsibility…
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Les intrépid(e)s!

With a little will and a good dose of intrepidness, we can change our lives, the lives of others, or change the world for the better, in short, we can make the impossible possible... Because philanthropy is one of the keys to a better tomorrow,  this podcast strives to introduce you to the intrepid people who serve others.

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Ahmad's new life, forced to leave his country(Opens in a new tab)(Opens in a new tab).  In 2016, Ahmad Attar was forced to leave Aleppo, a Syrian city besieged by the Bashar al-Assad regime. With only a few possessions, this 22-year-old citizen reporter flees the country with transporters  and, after a perilous journey, finds a home in France. A story of exile and beautiful encounters, with Ahmad himself, Karine Rifai, his mentor, Raphal Yem, a committed journalist, and Thierry Baubet, a psychiatrist for children and adolescents in Seine-Saint-Denis specialising in cross-cultural issues.

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