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TeleTv@ as been selected as "best e-administration practice" in a contest held for the European conference "E-government form Policy to Practice" jointly organised by the European Commission and the Belgium presidency in Brussels on November 29th and 30th 2001.

Chosen by a committee of independent experts among 282 propositions from all over the world, for the quality of interactivity with the users, 60 experiences will thus be awarded the "e-government" label and will be presented during the 2-day conference. 45 of them will also exhibit next to the conference, like TeleTV@ represented by the MINEFI (French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry).

BNP Paribas and its Net-Identity soft- and Identi-C@rd- based digital certificates will be associated to TeleTv@ demo on the MINEFI's stand.

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