BNP Paribas is implementing an MDM (Master Data Management) strategy in order to respond to the growing need for an integrated information system.

This strategy relies on a Shared Services Centre and a partnership with an IT solutions developer.

A growing need for integration

The BNP Paribas Group's information system has been equipped with and structured around data repositories for many years. These repositories have provided the Group with a solid foundation on which to grow, and one that is in accordance with regulatory requirements.

In order to accelerate the use of master data and to encourage its use by all applications within the organisation, BNP Paribas has decided to adopt an MDM approach, which will consist of ensuring the collection, validation and redistribution of master data to customer applications.

The establishment of an MDM Shared Services Centre

In 2009, BNP Paribas set up an MDM SSC (Shared Services Centre) to support Group entities that need to implement new repositories.

The SSC also manages a community of project owners and project managers from several Group entities, in order to capitalise on shared experiences and to promote the adoption of best practices with respect to the management of master data.

To support this strategy, MDM SSC turned to solutions available on the market, ultimately adopting Orchestra Networks' EBX.Platform and IBM's MDM server for PIM (Product Information Management).

The process of finding a development partner

After a comparative study of the solutions available on the market, EBX.Platform by Orchestra Networks was selected for one of BNP Paribas' very first MDM projects.

The reasons for this choice were the following: the solution was based on the XML standard, it offered upgradeability through the semantic modelling features integrated into the solution, and it had the option of standardised interfacing with other applications.

In 2010, a global licence for the use of the software package was agreed, and a partnership was established between the IT teams at BNP Paribas and the development teams at Orchestra Networks.

Currently, seven repositories within the Group are based on this technical solution, covering fields as varied as risk management, human resources, real estate, suppliers and even shared terminology.

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