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BNP Paribas launches WeGenerations, the first intergenerational network for its employees

For the occasion, WeGenerations organised an evening on 19 September, with an introduction by Yves Martrenchar, Head of Human Resources at BNP Paribas and member of the Group Executive Committee. During the event, the topics of mentoring and reverse mentoring came up at a round table on the topic “Feedback on intergenerational experiences”.

Sharing collective intelligence internally and as wide as possible

In a constantly changing world, collective intelligence becomes a key factor in business growth and performance.Companies that make use of this intergenerational intelligence are those that have the best understanding of their customers’ needs, in both their professional and private lives. To do this, we need employees among us who resemble the diversity in society. A variety of approaches that will enable us to increase our collective intelligence by being more creative and innovative. It is for this purpose that the new WeGenerations network was created at BNP Paribas. 

Its goal? To facilitate exchange between young and senior employees, with all that it implies in terms of transmitting knowledge and skills between them, and questioning or taking a different look at stereotypes linked to age.

Shared between subsidiaries and the different core businesses of the Group, the network also aims to promote the sharing of views, experiences and complementary career paths between the different generations and to facilitate personal orientation and development in a united, caring environment.

Exchange between generations has become more accessible today thanks to new collaborative work models (flex office, new communication channels, etc.) and a more horizontal management approach. This dynamic will allow employees to become more responsible in their daily activities, with greater freedom to organise their work.  An extension of the Good Place to Work endeavour in which BNP Paribas remains a key player.

Constance Chalchat, Head of CIB Change Management presents “WeGenerations”, the new BNP Paribas employee network that creates bridges across generations.

Building ties and sharing knowledge

Networking events, knowledge-sharing, conferences, and mentoring/reverse-mentoring programmes will pace the life of the WeGenerations network to facilitate sharing between employees from all backgrounds and ages.

4 initiatives to reach these goals:

  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring: to stimulate cohesion between generations and boost career opportunities
  • Networking: to develop the banking culture and build meaningful ties 
  • Conferences: to develop sources of inspiration and look elsewhere
  • Knowledge-sharing: co-working workshops to understand trends and boost personal development

The WeGenerations network’s action is in line with BNP Paribas’s Diversity and Inclusion policy.

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