What company would you most like to work for? For the third consecutive year BNP Paribas ranks number one as preferred employer among students with business and marketing degrees, and number two among those with engineering degrees in the latest TNS Sofres poll.

This success was confirmed by a large panel of students who took part in the “Trendence” survey. The results show that future managers from a wide variety of programs, from universities to business schools, spontaneously cited our group as high on their list of preferred employers. BNP Paribas ranked fourth in the survey last year.

What's more, this reputation is anchored by the Group's image in terms of “performance” and “prestige” despite the hit that the image of banks has taken of late.

Strong points behind the Group's attractiveness
  • A dynamic, cutting-edge recruitment website that proves very effective in drawing interest from talented graduates, including a recruitment chat room for IT related jobs, a recent recruitment initiative on Second Life, cool videos and more.
  • Effective recruitment advertising with a variety of job offers (full-time jobs, internships, work study programs, national service employment, etc.), plus job descriptions matched to individual profiles.
  • Stronger direct links with schools. BNP Paribas is considered the employer with the most ubiquitous on-campus presence (forums, presentations of jobs at the group, partnership with the Confédération Nationale des Junior Entreprises, etc.).
  • Actions to promote our image among students through internships, which get very high marks.
  • Visibility of our corporate values and culture, letting future hires envisions themselves working for the Group.

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