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At the ceremony of the "Trophées du Revenu" ("Le Revenu" is a French financial publication) on 23 May 2012, BNP Paribas Investment Partners (BNPP IP) led the pack across all types of company, winning five trophies for the performance of its fund ranges over three years.

In the "banking groups" category, BNPP IP was awarded:

  • The Gold trophy for the best fund range in the "eurozone equity" category (which also includes European equities excluding emerging regions)

  • The Silver trophy for "best global performance" (an average of six fund ranges)

  • The Bronze trophy for the best fund range in the "international fixed income" category

  • The Bronze trophy for the best range of "diversified funds"

Across all categories, BNPP IP was also awarded:

  • The Bronze trophy for the best fund in the "European fixed income" category

These new awards are a testament to the overall quality of our fund management, across all categories and over a period of several years. The reception of the Silver trophy for "best global performance" once again rewards all the management teams of BNPP IP and for the fourth time in the past six years.

These awards also highlight four particular strengths of BNPP IP:

  • Euro/Europe equity management: The awards emphasise the notable performance of our euro / Europe equity management, having won Bronze in 2011 and now Gold in 2012

  • International fixed income management: another field of excellence, this fund range boasts a consistent track record of quality performance illustrated by the fact that our international fixed income management has received awards in five of the past six years

  • Euro/Europe fixed income management: The award won demonstrates BNPP IP's continued commitment to develop a strong fixed income expertise

  • Management of diversified funds: this expertise has a long track record at BNPP IP and has been regularly improved by the integration of new techniques over time

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