BNP Paribas has become a large international bank serving the local economy and its clients in all its markets. It helps its individual and business clients to succeed in their projects. To this end, BNP Paribas has just announced a new international solution: BNP Paribas Global Network.

BNP Paribas Global Network is an intra-group agreement which entitles clients to enjoy the same rates for cash withdrawals from automated teller machines (ATM) abroad as withdrawals from BNP Paribas ATMs in their home country.

Now, all BNP Paribas* clients can benefit from attractive terms and conditions in the following BNP Paribas networks: BNP Paribas in France (including the DOM-TOM**), BNL in Italy, UkrSibbank in Ukraine, BMCI in Morocco, TEB in Turkey, BGL BNP Paribas in Luxembourg, BNP Paribas Egypt, UBCI in Tunisia, BNP Paribas EL Djazaïr in Algeria, BICICI in Côte d'Ivoire, BICIS in Senegal, BICIM in Mali, and BICIAB in Burkina-Faso.

By the end of the year, BNP Paribas clients will also benefit from these advantages in the following BNP Paribas Group networks: First Hawaiian Bank in Hawaii, Bank of the West in the US and BNP Paribas Polska in Poland.

For example, a BNL Italian client will be charged the same rate to make a cash withdrawal from a BNP Paribas ATM abroad as a withdrawal from one of BNL's ATMs in Italy.

This offer complements the Global ATM Alliance agreement under which six banks (BNP Paribas, Bank of America, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Scotiabank and Westpac) offer reduced rates to clients for their withdrawals from cash machines of the Global ATM Alliance partners. As such, by combining Paribas Global Network and Global ATM Alliance, BNP Paribas offers clients access to the world's largest network with more than 57,000 ATMs worldwide. BNP Paribas allows clients to benefit from the strength of its network by offering a secure and reliable solution in a large number of countries, at very attractive rates.

* Except BNP Paribas Fortis, BNP Paribas Polska and BICIG (Gabon) clients who will be entitled to this service shortly.

** French overseas departments and territories

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